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Coffee Freehand firmly RFA-30 beans 1kg
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Net content: 1*1KG
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Freehand Firmly is a medium roasted blend of 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality from the highlands of South- and Mid-America. Thanks to the correct roast profile,we will have a full soft coffee with fresh and fruity aromas in the cup.
Origins: Brazil, Vietnam, Honduras,Peru
Freehand coffee is a celebration of its origins. Beautiful artwork brings messages, secrets and riddles from the hearts of the countries where the coffee is farmed. Freehand drinkers embark on a journey around the world, unearthing new flavours and discovering new ways to enjoy coffee.

Type Beans
Brand Freehand
Packaging 1kg
Blend 100% Arabica
Labels Rainforest Alliance
Roast Medium
Body Medium
Acidity Medium
Sweetness Pleasant
Aroma Nutty
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