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Puro Fairtrade
Coffee Puro Fairtr esp beans 250g fuerte
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Net content: 1*250G
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Puro Fuerte is a strong, dark roast espresso coffee with a long-lasting aftertaste. For lovers of a rich espresso. Puro Fairtrade Coffee is made from 100% Fairtrade certified espresso beans.
Origins: Uganda, Honduras, Colombia.
Every pack of Puro coffee proudly carries the Fairtrade label, the guarantee that the coffee farmers get a fair price for their coffee beans. With every cup of Puro coffee you drink, you also protect a piece of endangered rainforest. Since 2016, all CO2 emissions from producing Puro coffee have been offset.

Type Beans
Brand Puro Fairtrade
Packaging 250g
Blend 50% Arabica 50% Robusta
Labels Fairtrade
Roast Dark
Body Full
Acidity Low
Sweetness Medium
Aroma Chocolate
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