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Pads Bruynooghe decaffeinated 18pc/pack
SKU: 527401
Sales unit: Bag
Net content: 18*7G
€4.17  / Bag

Bruynooghe Decaf is a strong coffee with sweeter floral accents. This slightly acidic coffee contains no caffeine. Suitable for coffee pad machines.
From slow brew to espresso, as a barista or grandmother. Bruynooghe coffee is as versatile and stubborn as you are. We go for the ultimate coffee experience by bringing together the best of different worlds. We combine tradition with innovation and connect generations.

Type Coffee pads
Brand Bruynooghe
Blend 95% Arabica 5% Robusta
Labels Decaf
Roast Dark
Body Medium
Acidity Medium
Sweetness Medium
Aroma Fruity
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